New Motor for Login Indonesia Needs 6 Months, This explanation

Each time the latest motorcycle leaked information in the media because it was recorded is registered in government agencies, while its appearance requires several months until finally actually sold in Indonesia.

According to Yamaha Indonesia, at least it takes six months for a motorcycle until finally sorted registered in Indonesia and could be sold. Mohammad Masykur, Assistant GM Marketing of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) also gave an explanation.

“For the registration of new motor in Indonesia that will take approximately six months. Test types that although the system is online, we also have to follow a hard copy, only later to be checked. It was eating more or less three months. It was in the (Ministry) of Transport. The Test in Cibitung, later in Cibitung make reports, information to the (Ministry) of Transport on the monument, Monas check again later from the data is correct or not, newly published letter type test. It’s two months, “he explained.

He said that the most rapid process at the Ministry of Industry. Here, the system implemented differently from other government agencies.

“The fastest was in (the Ministry) Industry, it’s two weeks to a month. From there, our registration to the Ministry, prior to Samsat for the determination of the tax was the first time in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs has been working closely with the Ministry of Finance. There are three ministries . Now it will take two months to three months. “

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