Helm KYT and Romain Febvre Suck Audience Attention MXGP

In the world championship motocross MXGP in Louth, helmet KYT domestic production helped children are used by world-class kroser, Romain Febvre. Besides being used by riders of the world, KYT Indonesia helped to enliven the atmosphere by holding a series of events.

In addition held a meet and great with the world crosser Romain Febvre, also provide direct support to the national kroser in Red and White teams.

In the second series MXGP Pangkal Pinang Romain Febvre from team Monster Energy Yamaha Factory dam Wilvo Shaun Simpson of Team Yamaha Indonesia MXGP using artificial helmet. The world’s second kroser entrust protective head by relying KYT Strike Eagle is currently competing in the world of motocross racing.

“We are proud to participate in MXGP 2017 which took place in Indonesia. In addition there are kroser worldwide already use KYT, we are also proud of the Association of Motor Indonesia (IMI) trust us to be the official helmet Red and White teams, “Simon said Mulyadi, marketing and communication KYT Indonesia.

Meanwhile, outside the course of the race, on the first day of Romain Febvre patiently to serve consumers and courtesy. On the first day of the mat MXGP 2017 the 2nd series, KYT Indonesia also held a meet and greet with the 2015 MXGP champion. Homeland motocross lovers have a chance to take pictures with and get autographs kroser the French.

The precious opportunity of course be used by motocross fans in attendance at Pangkal Pinang offroad circuit. No one if KYT Indonesian stand was filled with fans of Romain Febvre,

“Especially motocross event, rarely held meet and great. So it is natural that many are enthusiastic, “said Simon.

Different again with the Red and White teams, KYT Indonesia is specially designed helmet color matches the color of the flag pride Indonesia, namely red and white as many as 10 special fruit for best kroser Indonesia.

As is known, Helm KYT Strike Eagle has ECE standard and is used by the world kroser. The vent hole easily dismantled and reassembled to ensure air circulation inside the helmet is maintained. Moreover, the foam section cheeks were comfortable and easily removable and washable.

While the material in the shell, using a mixture of carbon Kevlar and fiberglass. This is, what makes KYT lighter weight, less than 1 kilogram.

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Runway R25, Rafid Topan Grab Podium First in Race 2 IRS

Yamaha again dominated the race the first round of IRS 2017 race 2 at Sentul International Circuit, Bogor, Sunday (19/3). In the 250 cc class, Rafid Topan of Yamaha team KYT Cream-pie IRC Syafina who gush Yamaha YZF-R25 triumphed.

While the runner-up and third winner was Willy Hammer (Yamaha Yamalube DID NGK NHK IRC Ark Nissin Racing) and Imanuel Pratna (WR KYT RJL Team).

So the first and second positions opposite of the result in the first race (1), was third in the race at the start. The third fighter who was dominant in the course of the race 2 or race 1 due to separate themselves from the other party. To record the best time retained YZF-R25 race belonged to Willy Hammer in the notch 1 minute 45.450 seconds inscribed on lap 2 from a total of 12 laps menu.

“We are still doing research into the development in accordance with changes in the regulation of Sport National Championship 250 cc. Many have had to adjust to the rules of a standard magnet factory, “said Widya Activities of Lieu, slang called Fat of GDT Racing workshop, Ark Racing Yamaha mechanics and technical advisor at Yamaha Syafina.

On the other hand, the schedule of warm-up or heating at Sport Championship 250 receiving input. Called too close distance between warm-up and race. Better, if enough time for the preparations.

“For Sport Championship 250 cc class, ideally no schedule changes between warm-up and race do not get too close,” said Wahyu Rusmayadi, Division of Motor Sport PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

While in the National Championship Sport 150 cc followed 40 starters back belonging to drivers who joined Yamaha brand-new team in this 2017 season. Richard Taroreh (Yamaha Yamalube FDR jasti Son NHK Kaboci 549) and Gupita Krishna (Yamaha Yamalube PT MJB Swallow Nissin KYT KYB DID) to seize the podium winners and runners-up from the second race Championship Sport 150 cc.

Third place is also held new Yamaha team rider, namely Febrianus Balank (Yamaha Yamalube Aspira Premio FSCM WJ72 HDS Racing Team). The course of the race 2 is halted (red-flag) because of the accident on lap 2 at the corner 3 and 4.

“When restart, I chose to play it safe in advance to maintain the durability of the engine. Do not get overheated. Only later in the second last lap I was hit and managed to win, “explained Richard Taroreh which is backed up Achos Lalang tuner and recorded a best time of 1 minute 50.824 seconds.

“Serving 2 race can make riders better stamina, as well as mechanical obtain more data in the second race until the maximum research step,” said Rev. Rusmayadi.

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250cc two cylinder Considered Already expensiveness

The selling price of the motorcycle 250 cc two-cylinder currently stands at over USD 50 million even over USD 60 million. These conditions create a new classification of the market in such classes, which inevitably leaves a new market after the price gap motor sport 150 cc.

In other words, the market in this gap assumes that the motor 250 cc average two-cylinder engine has been entered in the category of “overpriced” or expensiveness.

This condition is found to KTM, which is opening up new markets for them, as in the last 2016 GIIAS mat after the test ride, followed by 700 more visitors to the exhibition.

“What we are not predictions, the 250 cc class was 60-65 per cent of our sales are generated. At first we thought would be a lot of people to 200 cc for more affordable price,” said Kristianto Goenadi, President Director of PT Penta Jaya Laju Motor (KTM Indonesia ).

They see, they do not mind the single cylinder.

“We’re talking power to weight ratio. So they assume that the two cylinders it was too expensive. So, it is one market that we see change compared to our initial expectations,” he added.

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Official R6 Specifications in Europe and America Unveiled

Official R6 Specifications in Europe and America Revealed Issues and photographs scattered about the little brother of the Yamaha R1 dikuak finally completed. Motor is the latest generation of Yamaha YZF-R6 displayed by autoevolution daily complete with the official price plus specifications.

Deltabox remain faithful carrying frame, the motor is also given sized 599cc engine is also equipped with power up to 116 horsepower at 14,500 rpm in the rotation encouragement. Plus a number of 61.7 Nm of torque at 10,500 rpm.

R6 this one claimed to be the best R6 motorcycle ever born by Yamaha. One of its key considering the features of R6 is reportedly the electrical and electronic devices in accordance with the standard EU4, thereby offsetting motor sport with the same class.

In addition, the sleek design congenital Yamaha seems a bit much reminiscent of the face of the R1. Headlamp somewhat hidden will certainly still have a very strong illumination power, because it uses LED and aerodynamics also get improvisation.

At a glance this bike seemed to indicate that overhauling which was not kidding shown by Yamaha. The impression of massive weight reduction rather looks at the composition of the bench sponger who minimized the presence fairingnya and more shaped like a duct for aerodynamic support.

Blue Continent of Europe in the motor is reportedly go on sale in April 2017. The standard price tag of a motor excluding tax is approximately € 13.995 or approximately USD 201 million. While in the US are sold at a price of US $ 12.199 or ‘only’ about USD 162 million.

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Bridgestone Tire Launch sporty Techno Sport

Indonesia introduces new Bridgestone tires Techno Sports today, Monday (3/4). This tire has a tread pattern that is aggressive, sporty tire’s durability is better and lower noise levels.

Techno Sports is available in 15 sizes ranging from ring 16 “to 18” and more to meet the needs of the vehicles used in urban areas.

“Through innovation and technological progress Bridgestone, TECHNO Sports use Flat Contact Patch (FCP), which prevents deformation of tires, construction also has been enhanced to reinforce the tire’s durability,” said Toshihiro Fujiki, Sales & Marketing Director of PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia.

The design of the tread pattern of ‘Flash’ provides a unique and distinctive look, making the car look different from others. In addition the tread pattern like this also give better drainage grooves while improving traction tires to the road surface.

Techno Sports use Triangle Block 3D technology, making tire tread more constant, resulting in a sharper initial response, which automatically gives better control.

On the sides there are design variations in 5 fields of blocks apart, were arranged randomly on the circumference of the tire sequentially to reduce noise.

In addition Techno Sports design Flat Contact Patch (FCP), which prevents uneven wear, while preventing deformation of the tire. Structures in the Envelope Carcass provide more robust construction thereby increasing resistance to damage caused by external factors such as collision.

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Recent Xabre Yamaha, What difference with the old version?

Yamaha Indonesia released Xabre refresh their motor sport. The motors are diving debut since January 2016, now comes with the latest colors and graphics.

As quoted in the official page of yamaha-motor.co.id, Monday, April 3, 2017, the motor still maintain extreme style with bright colors as an accent. Delivered, there are three new color are now pinned on Xabre, Green Army, Matte Red and Silver White.

Nothing has changed on the new Xabre other than colors and graphics. This motor is still holding a 150 cc engine SOHC single cylinder, six-speed, liquid-cooled, which can give off power 16 horsepower and 14.3 newton meters of torque. On price, Xabre with the latest colors and color graphics is sold with a tag Rp30,3 million on the road in Jakarta.

Earlier, which was first released Xabre comes in three colors: Matt Black, Matt Grey, and Silver. Motor introduced in Bali

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